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News - English Version

09. January 2009: Tuk waves to grandma Lissy...

At Christmas Granny Lissy from Vienna visited us and we met Tuk’s dad Themba for the first time.

Lissy took wonderful pictures of
the "Morowi Gang" as you can see on her HP (www.ridgeback.or.at).

This one is my favorite...

A wave to Granny Lissy - be back soon

04. Januray 2009: Four month and a cool sock...

Tuk ist now four month old - or young.

We used the day to dri
ve to our horse Waroness to check if everything was alright.

Later we went across the feedlot into the forest.

On the return path our little whirlwind fell
into a frozen puddle and we had to rescue him but there was no reason for panic as the puddle was only 30 cm deep.

Undaunted by death Olli pulled him out and Tuk, totally unimpressed, proceeded with his race
over the feedlot.

Luckily by then his friend Max arrived and they both ran their
bodies warm again.

During lunch we had to laugh about our little whirlwind- it was so typical...


03. January 2009: Hello 2009 - we are inside!

We started the Year 2009 and it didn´t hurt at all...

Our Christmas was very eventful, we saw nice friends and had a special time with them. After the holiday Olli and I enjoyed time together and we had a quiet trip into the new year. 
Like a little child, Tuk slept the whole night of the New Year´s Eve and so it was possible to look throught the windows at the fireworks.

During the holidays Tuk got some special lessons in dog behaviour from his mom Shani, and his grandpa and grandma. Today he was able to apply all new tricks at "puppy-playtime". We were very amused to see, that his tail didn´t get higher... the old macho man!


Not only with us also with our Veterinarian Tuk raises some dust. 

It is quite important for our Veterinarian to get introduced to new puppies before their first treatment. So we used some time yesterday for his first visit of the Veterinarian site. There he could get used to the people and the environment and after that he became a proper trial inspection.   
Tuk was very curious but not quite happy with the so this was practised and the biped got some homework to improve it.  
Apart from this everyone was very impressed by Tuk's frank and funny nature and how he jumped like a kangaroo through the surgery, driven by high spirit.

The first snow!!!

It snowed the first time this year which was good to introduce Tuk to this element. Olli was a bit over-motivated and started a snowballfight. Tuk migt have found it quite funny but this stuff was soooo cold...and after a short while he went back in front of the fire place...like a real African

23. November 2008 - A walk in the forest
Today we used the wet and cold weather for a walk in a forest with Tuk . It was great to walk once again through the autumnally forest and being close to nature. It seems that Tuk has a very good nose so he couldn't decide which track he should follow first. Although this will become one of the challenges during the education his piggishness might help us to control him

Unfortunatley the photo is a little fuzzy due to a problem with the lense.

16. November 2008 - Visit of the Hansmänners

Today Bianka and Torsten did visting us with Siri and Thabo. The 3 dogs had a great fun in our garden. Our little rascal with not yet 3 month old wasn't impressed at all. Only with regards to speed he had some disadvantages

More photos under Pictures...

8.November 2008- Puppy "playtime" at the dog academy

Today we went for the puppy "playtime" at the dog academy and as expected Tuk moved absolutley dauntlessly in this new terrain and behaved very realisticly. He has an excellent body language and could therefore communicate with his "colleagues" withount any extreme reactions.

More photos under Pictures...

7. November 2008 - Excursion to the riding site

We used the very nice weather for an excursion with Tuk to a riding site. He enjoyed the exploration of it very much, curious as he is ...

More photos under Pictures...

November 2008 - The fun starts

Tuk moved into our house and the fun starts! 
After a sleepy drive the little madcap starts the exploration of his new home. No corner, no angle has been missed out and after barking at his mirror image , eating is announced with an appetite that only one phrase describes: he eats like a horse.
Tuk leaves no doubt: Here I am - here I stay! 

We are really happy with our crackerjack. With his perky and cheery manner he takes every heart by storm...at least ours

Only the hearts of Vibi and Silly, our 2 cats, are frozen a bit. It seems to be a bit too much for them so they escaped into our washkitchen...until the dust has settled :-)

4. September 2008

Tuk was born in the kennel Morowi at Sylvia Altrogge....and I was present when 12 Chipegos saw the light of the day.

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